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  • Langford 120 120 Langford Street North Melbourne, VIC, 3051 Australia (map)

 11 February - 11 March 2018

Gallery Operating Hours:
Thursday to Saturday 12 - 6pm
Sundays 12 - 5pm


Langford120 Summer exhibition


 Curator:  Irene Barberis

order: boundary, extremity, fringe; margin, side, lip, rim, brim, brink, verge; perimeter, circumference, periphery, contour, outline; limit, limits, outer limit, bound. Sharpness: severity, bite, sting, pointedness, asperity, pungency, mordancy, acerbity, acidity, tartness, trenchancy; sarcasm, acrimony, malice, spite, venom; rare causticity, mordacity. Advantage: lead, head, head start, trump card, the whip hand; superiority, the upper hand, dominance, ascendancy, supremacy, primacy, precedence, power, mastery, control, sway, authority. On edge: tense, nervous, edgy, highly strung, anxious, apprehensive, uneasy, ill at ease, unsettled, unstable; excitable, twitchy, jumpy, keyed up, fidgety, restive, skittish, neurotic, brittle, hysterical; sensitive, insecure; irritable, touchy, tetchy, testy, crotchety, irascible, peevish, querulous, bad-tempered, short-tempered, hot-tempered, quick-tempered, temperamental, snappy, captious, crabbed, prickly; Brit. nervy; informal uptight, wired. Take the edge: allay, assuage, alleviate, ease, relieve, reduce, diminish, decrease, lessen, soothe, soften, dull, cushion, mollify, moderate, calm, lull, temper, mitigate, palliate, blunt, deaden, abate, tone down.

Susan Wald, Marie-Louise Anderson, Wendy Kelly, Sally Bowring, Roger Byrt,
 Warren Breninger, Stephen Spurrier, Meg Williams, Gill Gatfield, Tracy Coutts,
Lesley Duxbury, Linda Pickering, PJ Hickman, Samara Adamson-Pinczewski,
Louise Blyton, Adrian Corke, Anne Mestitz, Max Lawrence White, Sophia Errey,
Anne Scott Wilson, Magda Cebokli, Stephen Wickham, Luciano Prisco, Tom McMahon,
Jorge Benitez, Ruth Bolduan, Javier Tapia, Colleen Morris, Anna Caione,
Elizabeth Bodey, Andrew Southall, Winsome Spiller, Hedy Ritterman, Jim Pavlidis,
Wes Placek, Debra J. Marshall, Amie Oliver, Reni Gower, Nick Curnow,
Irene Barberis, Susan Lincoln, Jan Murray, Virginia Grayson, Sarah Tomasetti,
Godwin Bradbeer, Sarina Lirosi, Susan Knight, Theo Strasser, Susie Leahy Raleigh, 
Phebe Parisia, Liliana Barbieri, Dianne Coulter, Antoinette Covino-Beehre

Earlier Event: December 4
VCA Art Masters Exhibition